The Capitol Hill Renter Initiative




Why we need an initiative

Renters make up 80% of the people living in the heart of Capitol Hill, but they lack a voice in important decisions about our neighborhood. As rents spiral upward and the City considers big housing and livability policies, the decisions we make now will shape the future of Capitol Hill and Seattle for many years to come. Renters’ voices need to be front and center in these decisions.



Who we are

We are a group of community members committed to addressing our neighborhood’s affordability and mobility challenges and advancing the voice of renters in City Hall. With support from Capitol Hill Housing staff, Renter Initiative members receive the training and resources required to take action on policy issues. We connect each other with community partners and host opportunities to engage with City Officials. We believe that action can take on many different forms and want to help you find a level of involvement that will work for you.

Current issues our renter work groups are taking on include:img_1396-for-web-page

  • Forming a Seattle Renters Commission
  • Increasing statewide tenants’ rights and state housing trust fund
  • Passing “mandatory housing affordability” zoning changes
  • Making it easier to build backyard cottages
  • Improving pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • Reducing transit costs for low income people



Join Us!

Connect with us and become a part of the movement to build renter power!

How to get involved:















Media Coverage:

KUOW report featuring one of our Renter Advocates

Coverage on our Renter Summit by the Seattle Met 

An op-ed in support of a Renter Commission published by the Seattle Times 






The Capitol Hill Renter Initiative is staffed by Capitol Hill Housing and is a project of the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict.