Our Steering Committee

Michael Mariano (co-chair), Schemata Workshop

Neelima Shah (co-chair), Bullitt Foundation

Alicia Uhlig, International Living Future Institute

Catherine Hillenbrand, Capitol Hill Housing Board of Directors

Chasten Fulbright, Blanton Turner

Claudia Noon, Central Co-op/UFCW 21

Clayton Smith, Architect/Sustainable Capitol Hill/12th Ave Stewards

Erik Rundell, ECONorthwest

Janet Shull, City of Seattle, Office of Planning & Community Development

Matthew Benedict, Kaiser Permanente/CBRE

Matthew Combe, Seattle 2030 District

Leon Garnett, Centerstone/Squire Park Community Council

Michael Gilbride, University of Washington

Sarah Kavage, Artist and Planner

Michelle Caulfield, City of Seattle, Office of Sustainability & Environment

Mike Archambault, Central Seattle Greenways

Phyllis Gretchenuk, Seattle Central College

Sarah Kavage, Artist and Planner

Sean Watts, Seattle Parks Foundation

Sierra Hansen, Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce

Whitney Fraser, Capitol Hill Champion/Seattle Dyke March

Yolanda Cieters, Seattle University