Our Steering Committee

Michael Mariano (co-chair), Schemata Workshop

Neelima Shah (co-chair), Bullitt Foundation

Alicia Uhlig, International Living Future Institute

Betsy Conrad, Kaiser Permanente

Catherine Hillenbrand, Capitol Hill Housing Board of Directors

Chasten Fulbright, Blanton Turner

Claudia Noon, Central Co-op/UFCW 21

Clayton Smith, Architect/Sustainable Capitol Hill/12th Ave Stewards

Erik Rundell, ECONorthwest

Janet Shull, City of Seattle, Office of Planning & Community Development

Leon Garnett, Byrd Barr Place

Matthew Benedict, Kaiser Permanente/CBRE

Matthew Combe, Seattle 2030 District

Mike Archambault, Central Seattle Greenways

Michael Gilbride, University of Washington, Integrated Design Lab

Michelle Caulfield, City of Seattle, Office of Sustainability & Environment

Phyllis Gretchenuk, Seattle Central College

Sarah Kavage, Artist/ Planner/ Capitol Hill Arts District

Sean Watts, Seattle Parks Foundation

Whitney Fraser, Capitol Hill Champion/Seattle Dyke March

Yolanda Cieters, Seattle University