Mural by Baso Fibonacci, Zach Rockstad and Japhy Witte; Photo by Kristin Wall; Sound Transit, 2010

Affordable and green buildings

Americans spend 90 percent of our lives indoors, which means that buildings are our primary habitat. The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict advocates for buildings that are affordable, healthy to occupy, and light on the planet.

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Diverse and healthy businesses

Some of the great attractors to Capitol Hill are its diverse and vibrant businesses. The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict works alongside businesses to promote the three Ps – People, Planet, and Profit.

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Right-sized and resilient infrastructure

Infrastructure comes in multiple forms. It’s the public hardware and processes that connect our buildings and support our livelihoods. The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict supports infrastructure that puts the smallest possible strain on resources and the environment and contributes to a healthy and resilient community. Infrastructure and related services should be appropriately-scaled, cost-effective, and equitably priced and distributed.

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We work with a number of local groups and organizations to advance projects important to the community of Capitol Hill.

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Healthy and engaged people

The choices we make in our homes, at work, on the street, and in the marketplace affect the well-being of ourselves, our neighbors and the planet. Projects in this section are all about personal choices made by individuals and families.

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Advancing Neighborhood Sustainability

The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict is a neighborhood-based sustainability initiative serving the most densely populated urban village in the Pacific Northwest. It is led by Community Roots Housing, a community development corporation and public development authority with over four decades of experience working alongside Capitol Hill stakeholders to enhance community health and affordability.