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EcoDistrict Recognized for Creating Livable Communities

Futurewise Award

The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict is a proud recipient of a Futurewise 2015 Livable Communities Award for Equity and Environment. The EcoDistrict was chosen for recognizing the role of smart growth in meeting community needs and for fostering a healthy, vibrant and diverse neighborhood.

“The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict was chosen because of their vision and leadership in finding solutions to Capitol Hill’s most pressing sustainability challenges. From promoting equitable transit-oriented development to facilitating public funding for pedestrian improvements, the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict’s collaborative and innovative approach is creating socially equitable, environmentally resilient and culturally vibrant neighborhoods for present and future generations.”

Capitol Hill Housing and the EcoDistrict were presented with the award at the Futurewise annual luncheon on March 17th.


(Though on vacation, Joel still made an appearance!)

Futurewise is a statewide public interest group working to promote healthy communities and cities while protecting farmland, forests and shorelines today and for future generations.

About the award

Overall Excellence in Creating Livable Communities recognizes an outstanding, comprehensive approach to creating more livable communities on a variety of fronts. Not just for a single plan or project, but at the neighborhood, corridor, city, county or regional level. Awardees demonstrate transformational improvement to the environmental health and economic vitality of a Washington State community.

The Equity and Environment Award recognizes projects or policies that recognize the role of smart growth in meeting the needs of underserved communities and individuals that work to achieve environmental justice while fostering places that are healthy, vibrant and diverse. The 2015 Livable Community Equity and Environment Award will honor the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict.