Hello, world!


Every 60 seconds, 70 new domains are registered and 571 websites are launched on the interwebs.  That’s more than twice the world birthrate (255 babies per minute).  During that same minute, 293,ooo statuses are updated on Facebook, 67,000 images are uploaded to Instagram, and 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. Source: Qmee

So, without making too big a deal about it, we’re launching a new website for the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict. Sure, the launch isn’t world newsworthy, but we’re pretty excited. The site’s taken at least nine months to gestate and the blessed day is finally here. Hello, world!

Here we will cover things astir in the EcoDistrict and other topics of relevance, at least in the minds of our bloggers. Look for more soon!