New Pike Street Traffic Control Plan for August 22nd and 29th


Planned Street Closures Saturday August 22, 2015

On Saturday, August 22nd a permitted event will close sections of E Pike Street between Broadway and 12th Avenue to vehicle traffic.

From 8PM to 3AM, E Pike Street will be available to pedestrians only (except for drivers needing to access off-street parking on those blocks) from:
Broadway to 10th Avenue;
10th Avenue to 11th Avenue;
11th Avenue to 12th Avenue.
10th and 11th avenues will remain open to vehicle traffic.

No parking will be allowed on E Pike Street between Broadway and 12th Avenue, and the east side of 11th Avenue 150 feet north of E Pike Street, from 6PM until 3AM.
The following left turn lanes will
be closed from 8PM to 3AM:
-Southbound Broadway at Pike
-Northbound 12th Avenue at Pike
Closure details:
Three blocks of E Pike Street will be closed to vehicles from 8PM Saturday until 3AM Sunday
Parking on E Pike Street will be closed between Broadway and 11th Avenue starting at 6PM Saturday

For more information contact:
Brian Henry, SDOT Public Space Program (206) 684-5146
Event information:

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