Pedestrian Streets Pilot Programming

New details about the programming for the Pedestrian Streets Pilot are now solidified!! 

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the first two nights, August 8 and 15, will be shorter and focus on crowd management and public safety. The second two nights, August 22 and 29, will expand on this concept with community based programming that starts earlier in the

August 22nd

From Laura Culberg, the owner and instructor: “The SweatBox is a Bikram influenced studio offering traditional Hatha Yoga, usually in a hot room. For this Pike-Pine Pedestrian Streets Pilot class, The SweatBox owner Laura Culberg will offer a beginners level class, primarily standing series that’s appropriate for all levels and all ages. Wear yoga gear and bring a mat if you want, or just show up in your street clothes and try something new. Join us for a fun class and start your journey to health and wellness.”

From Jackie Hell, the Host: “You won’t be the only drag queen on E Pike St this night! The lineup includes some of Seattle’s finest, including: Freckles Riverside, of New Noise Productions (the King of F’ing with Burlesque). RainbowGore Cake, the 12 year old, drag superstar.  Samuel L. JackYouSon, bringing you Drag King realness.  Ade, the sultry singer we all love.  Honey Bucket, Pac Highway’s hottest Ho. Hosted by Jackie Hell.  We’ll announce additional performers as they are confirmed.

  • These performances and all amplified sound will be done by 10pm.

August 29th

  • 8:00 to 10:00pm Century Ballroom will be hosting queer friendly swing and salsa partner dance classes in the street.
  • Again, these activities and all amplified sound will be done by 10pm.

Both Nights

  • The plan for both nights is to have silent (or very quiet) performers from 10:00pm to 1:00am including human statues, clowns, and dancers.
  • Then, for a half hour right around closing time, we’ll have musicians serenade people goodnight and indicate that it’s time to get out of the street, get some food or head home.
  • We still need more silent performers and string musicians and we do have a budget to pay performers.  Please respond to the contact information below if you know people that are interested.
  • The Imperial Court has also generously offered to be out and about in regalia, handing out condoms, establishing their presence throughout the night.  Other LGBTQ and community groups are welcome and encouraged to participate in similar ways.
  • We are also working to bring the Deehubs image projections back, building on what was done for Pride and SelfID with a chance for people to comment on the pilots, add to the Here and Queer and SelfID comments, and see those comments up on neighborhood walls in real time once it gets dark.

For questions contact Alex Brennan at abrennan(at)capitolhillhousing(dot)org, (206) 204-3832.