Pike Pine Pedestrian Streets Pilot – UPDATE!

After soliciting feedback from businesses, residents, and City departments, and looking at examples in other cities, we can now confirm and share more details on the Pike Pine Pedestrian Streets Pilot.

 Click here to learn more about the Pike Pine Pedestrian Streets Pilot


Here’s the plan: The pilot will close three blocks of Pike Street to car traffic on four Saturday nights in August. The first two nights, August 8 and 15, will be shorter and focus on crowd management and public safety. The second two nights, August 22 and 29, will expand on this concept with community based programming. Volunteers needed for data collection!

WHERE: Pike Street from Broadway to 12th Ave

WHEN: August 8th and 15th (10pm to 3am) & August 22nd and 29th (8pm to 3am)

See the traffic control plan and map

*Daytime and weekday times originally considered didn’t make it to this pilot, but could be an option in the future if there’s continued interest and support to make it happen.

Vehicular Traffic: 

  • E Pike Street between Broadway and 12th Avenue will be closed to car traffic.
  • The Pike and 10th Avenue and Pike and 11th Ave intersections will be closed as well, but 10th and 11th Avenues will remain open for local access.

Parking and Loading: 

  • On-street parking will be restricted on Pike Street and on the east side of 11th Avenue between Pike and Pine.  All other on-street parking on 10th and 11th will be preserved.
  • Off-street parking garages and lots and loading docks on 10th and 11th Avenue will be fully accessible.
  • Off-street parking garages and lots and loading docks on Pike Street will be accessible based on specific arrangements with those facilities.


  • August 22 and 29 will include a variety of LGBT and community focused activities and small performances earlier in the night. Later in the night programming will be quiet and focus on promoting a calm atmosphere and directing activity off of the streets at the end of the night. Details and schedule will be announced soon!

See more about the background and development of the Pike Pine Pedestrian Street Pilot

Help volunteer with data collection and community programming!

If you have questions or would like to learn more, contact Alex Brennan at abrennan@capitolhillhousing.org, (206) 204-3832 or seth.geiser@seattle.gov, (206) 615-1035

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Thanks to everyone who provided feedback!