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Capitol Hill Arts District

The Capitol Hill Arts District is a deep collaboration between Capitol Hill Housing, the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, the City of Seattle and the neighborhood arts organizations and artists.  With the strong arts infrastructure and deep working relationship with the City of Seattle already in place, we can keep the arts at the center of Capitol Hill’s identity, and provide a template for other neighborhoods.

A neighborhood constellation of the arts, anchored by several non-profits, has organically formed on Capitol Hill around East Pike/Pine and 12th Avenue.  As this has happened without a coordinating plan or structure, few in the region are aware of the breadth of opportunities.  A key example of Creative Placemaking, the next steps are to first organize, frame, and market a formal Capitol Hill Arts District, and second, leverage the arts as the means to achieve neighborhood goals.

This neighborhood is experiencing rapid change and gentrification. The existing arts organizations are under real threat of being displaced by rising rents and redevelopment. Capitol Hill is increasingly perceived as being in danger of losing its soul.

A cultural problem needs a cultural solution.

Capitol Hill Arts District Program Goals

Work with neighborhood arts groups to utilize new City arts space incentives to preserve the arts Market the Arts District and organizations as a destination, using tools such as sidewalk kiosks, street sign caps, custom painted sidewalks, mapping tools, and others

Explore collective resources to draw audiences, preserve arts uses and build staff capacity for the Arts District

Explore and pilot a shared arts destination district benefits: ticketing discount model, map or wayfinding, neighborhood arts festival, collective media buys

Actively support real estate development projects using arts district incentives

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