Pike Pine District Shared Parking
Transportation Equity

Parking is one of the most local of transportation issues, a hidden factor shaping the built environment.  Parking is expensive to build and operate in dense urban neighborhoods like Capitol Hill.  Oversupply and inefficient use of parking can needlessly drive up the cost of living while subsidizing car ownership.  Lack of on-site parking can also motivate property owners to demolish treasured older buildings. 

To address these issues the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict has developed an exciting new parking management strategy, district shared parking.  The potential for such a strategy in Pike Pine is detailed in our 2015 report District Shared Parking: Program, Policy, and Technology – Strategies for a More Resilient Parking System in Pike Pine.  Since the publication of the report, we’ve been hard at work changing garage management practices, advocating for municipal policy changes, and testing new data technologies.  Stay tuned for exciting announcements in 2017!

District shared parking is the idea that many parking garages in a growing, walkable district should work together and share users almost as if they were one garage.  The concept combines the benefits of many types of sharing - people in buildings without enough parking can lease spaces from buildings that have too much parking, new buildings can lease spaces from existing buildings that have excess supply, and daytime users and nighttime users can share a pool of spaces to reduce overall demand – with the scale, flexibility, and redundancy of a distributed district system.

In 2015, Capitol Hill Housing is beginning to implement recommendations from the report.  For more information please contact Alex Brennan at abrennan[at]capitolhillecodistrict[dot]org

Pike Pine District Shared Parking Program Goals

Reduce rent required to subsidize under used parking.

Preserve older buildings.

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